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Whether it's evergreens, perennials, little alpines or well-established trees and shrubs. All of our centres cater for the keen gardener and our selection suits any size of garden.

The plants department provides the highest quality and variety of plants. Our knowledgeable staff are on hand to help you with any of your questions and can advise you on planting and the care of your plants.

Autumn Planting.

The nights are starting to draw in and the summer sunshine is starting to fade, why not brighten up your garden with autumn plants?

 We often get asked in our garden centres “what plants do you plant in autumn?” and “Do plants still grow in autumn?”. So, we thought we’d put together a guide to our top 12 autumn plants, and how you can use them to create an autumn planter in minutes.

What to plant in Autumn?

Autumn is the perfect time to plant spring bulbs before the winter months set in and the ground becomes hard with frost. Bulbs such as Daffodils, Crocus’, Hyacinth and Tulips will all grow in spring adding life to your garden and can be planted below autumn plants in pots or on garden borders. Our blog post ‘Planting Spring Bulbs' is filled with loads of useful information on jobs you can do around your garden this month.

Plants Department Marigold

English Marigolds.

They have deep orange petals when in full bloom. Marigolds should be sown during autumn for gorgeous spring bloom. It would help if you planted marigolds straight into the soil where you want them to flower.

They should be 12cm (5in) deep and each row 30cm (12in) apart.



A robust and versatile plant, perfect for autumn. Sowing them now will ensure they thrive and flourish next spring/summer. They prefer to grow in pots and be in moist but well-drained soil.

When sowing, ensure they start in small pots roughly 0.5cm deep. Keep them in sunlight and well-watered as their roots develop.



Part of the daisy family (sometimes called Michaelmas Daisies), Asters are a great plant for transitioning into the autumn season. There are a wide variety of Asters, and they look great in autumn planters or boarders add some lovely blue, pink, purple and white colours to your garden.



We have Pansies in large packs of 28 in-store this May. Great for adding months of extra colour to your borders or pots.

Expert Advice at British Garden Centres

Our plant department is well known for its vast range of outdoor and indoor plants. We pride ourselves on the quality and choice of plants we have on offer. From bedding plants to shrubs, specimen plants to trees, alpines to water plants and dracaena to orchids, you can be sure of a great choice.

Our plants are sourced locally and from around Europe by our plant buyers. The team are always on hand in the plant department to give advice and tips on the selection, planting, growth and care of your plants.

PLUS We have a selection of helpful video guides to help you get started. Enjoy.

Encourage Wildlife.

Whilst we are all busy out in the garden this Autumn, spare a moment for our garden friends. These helpers come in all shapes and sizes and can control unwanted pests and help to keep your garden healthy. Hedgehogs, birds, frogs and toads all enjoy eating insects and bugs. You will need to provide ample food to encourage these animals into your garden.

Find out more on the blog.

Grow your own with British Garden Centres

Grow Your Own

From Pot to Plate. Grow your own with British Garden Centres.

There's nothing quite like the taste of freshly grown fruit and vegetables from your garden. That, coupled with the sense of achievement, makes growing your own a fulfilling and ultimately rewarding pastime. The great news is you can start now. Get the family involved and explore the range of fruits, vegetables and herbs you can grow in pots, borders and even baskets.

Here we have a selection of great tips to help get you started on your very own - grow your own journey, from pot to plate!

Grow your own


Now is the perfect time to start preparations for this year's vegetable crops.

Our online store has a huge selection of vegetable seeds to choose from...there will even be something for the fussiest little eaters, we promise!

Autumn Plants Department


Last year saw many of us turn to the garden whether that's growing plants in pots, planters or baskets or starting a herb garden. From tasty basil to fragrant mint, growing your own herbs can be very rewarding. Plus they are great to add to your recipes.

House Plants Department


You can grow many different fruits in your garden at home, even if you have limited space.

But before you start dreaming of the delicious gooseberry pie you'll make from your harvest, consider which fruits will grow best in your garden.



If you only grow one fruit this year, let it be Strawberries. Firstly they are delicious! Secondly, you can get a fantastic crop output using minimal space, so well worth a try this year!

Hardy Plant Guarantee at British Garden Centres.

Our Plant Guarantee

Here at British Garden Centres, we take great care and attention to ensure that the plants you buy from us are to premium quality. Our plant guarantee is applicable to all hardy plants, except those purchased from our sale area. 

If you wish to return a plant to us that has failed to grow, it must...

• have been watered correctly and not neglected

• be returned within one year

• have a valid receipt

We will then replace the plant for you or provide a credit note for you to choose something else.