Welcome to the Plants Department

Welcome to the Plants Department. Whether its evergreens, perennials, little alpines or well-established trees and shrubs. All of our centres cater for the keen gardener and our selection suits any size of garden. Our plant's department provides the highest quality and variety of plants. Our knowledgeable staff are on hand to help you with any of your questions and can advise you on planting and the care of your plants.

British Garden Centres prides itself on offering you a great selection of plants. As part of our commitment to you, we offer a plant guarantee (see below for details). You can buy with confidence from any of our centres.

How to create beautiful hanging baskets.

Summer Bedding

NOW AVAILABLE in our garden centres across the country!

Dianthus NOW IN


Dianthus - Pink Kisses, beam with hundreds of clove-scented flowers that won't disappoint. They are easy-care options for summer colour and can tolerate full sun in well-drained soil.

Campanula NOW IN


Campanula leaves you with a carpet of beautiful flowers year after year. They perform best in full sun (more sun, more flowers) to partial shade and come in a range of colours such as purple, pink and white.

New Guinea Impatiens NOW IN

New Guinea Impatiens

New Guinea Impatiens - commonly known as Busy Lizzie's, are perfect bedding plants for the shadier aspects of your garden as they like to have around 6 hours of shade a day. They look fantastic at the front of your borders for a splash of colour!

Geranium NOW IN


Geraniums are stunning, sun worshipping plants that offer huge colour and scent from Spring and throughout the summer months.

Summer Bedding NOW IN

Summer Bedding Packs

We have huge offers on summer bedding packs, throughout the plant department. Some of which include trailing and bush bedding plants to brighten all corners of your garden.

Pansies NOW IN


We have Pansies in large packs of 28 in-store this May. Great for adding months of extra colour in your borders or pots.

Stay at home and grow your own...

There's nothing quite like the taste of freshly grown fruit and vegetables from your garden. That, coupled with the sense of achievement, makes growing your own a fulfilling and ultimately rewarding past time. The great news is you can start now. Get the family involved and explore the range of fruits, vegetables and herbs you can grow in pots, borders and even baskets. Here we have a selection of great tips to help get you started on your very own - 'grow your own' journey, from pot to plate!

Peppers NOW IN


Peppers to suit everyone's tastes available in-store. Grow well, eat well.

Heritage Vegetables NOW IN

Heritage Vegetables

Heritage vegetables that have stood the test of time, such as these Tomatoes - 'Black Russian' which are an old variety of beef tomatoes.

Strawberries NOW IN


If you only grow one fruit this year, let it be Strawberries. Fantastic crop output using minimal space, so well worth a try this year!

House Plants Department


Wouldn't you love to grab a fresh, juicy apple or a handful of strawberries from your own garden? You can grow many different fruits in your garden at home, even if you have limited space. But before you start dreaming of the delicious gooseberry pie you'll make from your harvest, consider which fruits will grow best in your garden.

Autumn Plants Department


Now is the perfect time to start preparations for this year's vegetable crops. Our online store has a huge selection of vegetable seeds to choose from...there will even be something for the fussiest little eaters, we promise!

Autumn Plants Department


As we are all staying at home, why not grow your own? Last year saw many of us turn to the garden whether that's growing plants in pots, planters or baskets or starting a herb garden. From tasty basil to fragrant mint, growing your own herbs can be very rewarding. Plus they are great to add to your recipes. Why not get the kids involved?

Seed Potatoes

Growing potatoes can be fun and rewarding. They are one of the easier vegetables to grow. You can grow potatoes in a small space in the garden or on your patio or balcony by growing them in bags or containers.

Buried Treasure

For great crops, now is the time to plant your seed potatoes. Read our blog on planting seed potatoes here. Full of useful advice and tips to get the best out of first early, second early and main crop potatoes.

First Earlies


Second Earlies

Potatoes - second earlier

Main Crop

Potato Main crop

House Plants

Houseplants look great and improve our lives by brightening up our homes and bringing the natural world indoors. In addition to this, NASA’s Clean Air Study found that plants remove harmful toxins found in household materials and products. One of the best at this is the Marble Queen Pothos (Epipremnum aureum).

House Plants Department


Good for you, NASA’s Clean Air Study found that house plants remove harmful toxins found in household materials and products.

House Plants Department

Marble Queen

One of the best house plants for cleaning the air in your home is the Marble Queen Pothos (Epipremnum aureum).

House Plants Department

Aloe Plant

Not only do they look striking but they also have many medicinal uses. The plant is stemless or very short-stemmed with thick, green, fleshy leaves. With its many medicinal uses, it is usually safe to use the aloe vera straight from the plant.

Plant Guarantee

Here at British Garden Centres we take great care and attention to ensure that the plants you buy from us are to premium quality. To strengthen this claim we offer a One Year Hardy Plant Guarantee so that you can buy with confidence from us. 

Our plant guarantee is applicable to all hardy plants, except those purchased from our sale area. If you wish to return a plant to us that has failed to grow, it must have been watered correctly and not neglected and must be returned within one year, together with a valid receipt. We will then replace the plant for you or provide a credit note for you to choose something else.

Expert Advice

Our plant department is well known for its vast range of outdoor and indoor plants. We pride ourselves on the quality and choice of plants we have on offer. From bedding plants to shrubs, specimen plants to trees, alpines to water plants and dracaena to orchids, you can be sure of a great choice. Our plants are sourced locally and from around Europe by our plant buyers. The team are always on hand in the plant department to give advice and tips on selection, planting, growth and care of your plants.