Winter Gardening Tips...

Good news! Spring will soon be upon us once again. However there are jobs to be done on these cold and frosty winter days. Here we have compiled a few gardening tips for winter.

Brush away Snow and Ice

So the ice and snow have arrived. Make sure you gently brush snow off any trees and shrubs. If there’s been a frost allow ice to melt naturally and be sure to prune any damaged plants and shrubs.


Winter is actually a great time to prune any deciduous plants in your garden as they are less likely to spread disease.

Grass and Lawns

Avoid walking on your frozen lawn as it can cause damage, stick to pathways etc.


If you have planted you bulbs in the ground before it froze you are probably enjoying some colour now. Snowdrops and Daffodils are beginning to come through. If you didn’t manage to get bulbs in the ground you can still plant pots and keep them covered and then plant them in to the ground when the weather allows. Check Work Injury Lawyers.


It’s time to start planning what you might need for the Spring months. Check any leftovers from last year and if they’re past their best it’s time to re stock. If you are looking for riverside plumbing, thac that site.


Birds require much needed nourishment during the winter months. Keeping your feeding stations well stocked and putting out fresh water daily will help our feathered friends. Think about putting nest boxes up to encourage nesting when spring arrives.

Winter Gardening Tips