Real Christmas Trees

Real Christmas Trees at British Garden Centres.

Nothing can beat gathering around a real Christmas tree on Christmas Day, the aroma of fresh pine and being surrounded by friends and family. But with so many sizes and different varieties of real trees available, how do you choose one perfect for you? Our jolly and knowledgeable team in your local store are on hand and will make it their priority to make purchasing your perfect tree as easy as possible.

Christmas Tree Shopping

Our Christmas Trees.

All of our stores will be stocking the most popular variety of Christmas trees.

Our Nordmann Fir collection is sourced from Ireland and is the quintessential Christmas tree, renowned for its symmetrical shape, well-spaced branches, dark green foliage and needle retention. Popular for its traditional pyramid shape, families will love its dark green, needles and wonderful long-lasting fragrance.

The Fraser Fir is grown in Wales and is also another tree that customers can choose from, which is bushy and well-shaped with silvery green needles and a lovely citrus scent. A slimmer and more compact tree than the Nordmann Fir, families will love its soft touch and winter look it brings to the home.

Benefits of Real Christmas Trees.

Sustainability is a key topic for many households and having a real Christmas tree is a popular environmental choice over the festive period. Research by The Carbon Trust has revealed that a real Christmas tree has a much lower carbon footprint, as much as 10%, compared to its artificial counterpart.

A real tree spends around eight years growing in the field before it is harvested. Once it is cut, the grower will replace it with a newly planted tree that will grow ready for the next year, compared to an artificial tree that remains in a landfill for centuries after disposal.

Over its lifetime, a real tree will take around a ton of CO2 out of the atmosphere, whilst one acre of planted Christmas trees on a farm is enough to provide the daily oxygen requirement of 18 people. Cut trees can be used and easily recycled for mulch and other purposes, whilst a pot-grown tree will have maintained its root ball it can be planted outside to enjoy year after year.

Christmas Tree

Picking the right Real Christmas Trees.

Why not make visiting one of our stores a fun, family tradition every year and make it a favourite activity of the holiday season? Our fantastic team will net your tree for easy transport and help to load your car, delivering a personal service and excellent value for money.

Before visiting your local garden centre, we recommend you know the height and space of the room your real tree will be in. Do not forget that the tree stand and topper will add height. Make sure you measure carefully, so the tree is not too tall or wide. We recommend you consider the space between the branches and the decorations you plan to use to ensure they can hang straight down.

When you get your Christmas tree home, make sure your tree is standing in an open, well-ventilated space. Your tree can last for 4-6 weeks; ensure it always has fresh water.

Decorate your home with style this year with wonderful real trees from British Garden Centres. Immerse yourself in our festive wonderlands and choose sustainable and eco-friendly gifts that will be treasured and brought out year after year.