Yeoman Telescopic Tree Pruner with Saw

£39.99 £29.99

• Safe removal of high branches from ground level
• Carbon steel scissor action bypass blade cuts up to 25mm
• A detachable saw suits any thicker branches
• Ergonomic grip handle extends up to 2.7m
• Lightweight and easy to use


The Telescopic Tree Pruner with Saw from Yeoman, the ideal tool for cutting high trees and hedges while still being on the ground. Extendable to 2.7 metres there is very little the pruner cannot reach to prune and cut, easy to use by simply lining the blade up and pulling on the pulley cord for a clean cut. The Telescopic Tree Pruner with Saw can cut through branches up to an inch thick with ease for thicker branches the pruner comes with a saw attachment to cut through those high up branches. Lightweight so it can be easily manovered from a distance away.

A trusted brand amongst British gardeners, Yeoman is a leader in providing top quality garden tools at competitive prices. Offering the latest innovations in carbon steel and fibre-glass cutting tools, our ergonomic designs are made with only the best materials, always with the gardener’s needs in mind.

British Garden Centres offer a range of pruning and cutting tools in store and online, Yeoman is one of many brands on offer in store for items to keep bushes and trees in check. The Telescopic Anvil Loppers are a fantastic tool for pruning trees and bushes with a thicker branch


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