Yeoman Long Handled Grabber

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• Yeoman Long Handled Angled Garden Grabber
• Yeoman Long Handled Leaf Collector
• Lightweight scissor action handles for efficient collection of debris
• Ergonomic design with comfortable soft grips
• Picks up large amounts of leaves at once
• Angled to promote good posture in use and reduce bending strain

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The Long Handled Grabber from Yeoman. Keep your lawn and patio clear of debris without straining your back, with a little help from the Yeomans’ Long Handled Leaf Collector . This ergonomically designed grabber features two large, flat scoops set on scissor action handles, simply walk over to any stray leaves and grab them.

The Long Handled Grabber is angled in order to help maintain good posture as you work, and can pick up large amounts of leaves and debris at once, allowing you to carry them to a compost bin and drop in, all without ever bending over. Soft grips ensure your hand stay as comfortable as your back throughout the day’s tidying.


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