Yeoman Gloves Large

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Yeoman Gloves are ideal for all keen gardeners. The gloves are made from woven cotton, providing a comfortable fit on your hand that will also defend fingers from dust, dirt and spikes. Each glove is finished with a flexible latex coating, improving wet and dry grip and dexterity, and offering increased resistance from thorny brambles. With their snug fit and ample protection, the Yeoman Gloves are the only pair you’ll need in the shed.

Yeoman’s Garden Essentials range provides all the extras you need to make the most of your time in the garden.

A trusted brand amongst British gardeners, Yeoman is a leader in providing top quality garden tools at competitive prices. Offering the latest innovations in carbon steel and fibre-glass cutting tools, our ergonomic designs are made with only the best materials, always with the gardener’s needs in mind.


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