Woodland Wilf Pots the Plants

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• Woodland Wilf garden collectable
• Weather resistant polyresin painted with UV stabilised inks
• Each character has its own unique story
• Foam pads underneath to protect surfaces when displayed indoors

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Woodland Wilf Pots the Plants from the Woodland Wilf range of charming figures which bring character and colour to your garden. In this edition Woodland Wilf can be seen with a potted plant in his hand. Woodland Wilf is made from a weather resistant polyresin for a prolonged life outdoors and is completley frost proof, but can also make a great ornament in the home as well. The paint used for the colouring of the gnome is UV Stabilsied to stop fading in outdoors in sunlight or in a conservatory, the foam pads underneath protect any surfaces indoors which the gnome is displayed on from scuffs and scratches.

Woodland Wilf Gets a Hole in One is one in a large collection of the Woodland Wilf range avalible from British Garden Centres, their colourful and charming desgin adds character to any garden, coming in a range of different sizes and styles with a number of different activties being carried out by Woodland Wilf they each have their own personal story which comes on a small hang tag around the neck of each gnome.

Some of the popular editions in the range are Woodland Wilf Whiles Away the Hours and Woodland Wilf Gets a Hole in One both avavlible from British Garden Centres Online.


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