Lets Grow 2KW Greenhouse Heater

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• Provide a reliable and efficient heat source to your greenhouse plants
• Adjustable thermostatic control lets you create the best climate
• Includes a frost guard for cold temperatures and a cool air fan for ventilation
• IPX4 safety rated
• Includes a 1.8m rubber sheathed power cable

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The 2KW Greenhouse Heater from Botanico. Botanico Let’s Grow Propagation is a comprehensive range under the ‘LET’S GROW’ banner aimed at both the professional and amateur gardener to encourage and enthuse ‘grow your own’, this is one of the fastest growing gardening catergories.

The Botanico Greenhouse heater features a thermostatically controlled frost guard, variable heat output – 1kw or 2kw and cool air function to provide ventilation. This heater complies with EN60335-1. IPX4 safety rated to BSEN60529. This product is also suitable for use in conservatories, this is ideal for providing the desired temperature to help plants and vegetables grow.

One of the most popular features of the heater is the frost protection setting which will keep your greenhouse above freezing point to keep plants at their best even in difficult winter conditions.


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