Lincolnshire based business is a growing success.

British Garden Centres, who are based in Lincolnshire and own the popular Woodthorpe and Brigg Garden Centres announce the addition of 5 more garden centres to the family. This brings the group up to 16 garden centres throughout the UK.

By Ian Hutchinson 8thFebruary 2019

Following the recent acquisition of Horncastle Garden Centre (formally Crowders) just before Christmas - the independent family owned British Garden Centres are proud to announce the joining of Bold Heath, Bolton, Carr Gate, Coventry and Leyland Garden Centre to the family, taking the number of garden centres in the group to 16.

Owners Charles, Robert, Phillippa and all of the team are looking forward to working with these new centres. Phillippa Stubbs said:

“We are all very excited about the recent acquisition of these centres and look forward to this challenging but ultimately rewarding chapter in the British Garden Centres story. We would also like to take this opportunity to thank all the staff at British Garden Centres. This kind of growth stands as a testament to their hard work and dedication - directly influencing the success of our business.”

This acquisition will ensure the continuing development of the Garden Centres. Integrating the strategies and policies that have helped to make British Garden Garden Centres a success.

About British Garden Centres

British Garden Centres is the garden centre brand built on the strong family values of two Lincolnshire brothers with a passion for gardening and developing garden centres. Charles began growing and selling a selection of plants, shrubs and leylandii from a stall on the side of the road at Woodthorpe. His entrepreneurial spirit blossomed and with a lot of hard work became established as one of Lincolnshires brightest young business men.

Now with over 25 years of experience and a wealth of gardening knowledge, Charles, Robert and Phillippa Stubbs are now owners of sixteen well established garden centres throughout England. Each with its own unique character but equally committed to offering the very best in quality products and expert advice.

British Garden Centres will continue to provide its customers with the highest service levels and stimulate the local economy in all of its locations. The company that was built on the sales of compost is well known for it’s competitive edge in this market, for more information please visit

The 5 centres were part of Wyevale Garden Centres Group:

Bold Heath, Mill Lane, Bold Heath, Widness, WA8 3UU

Bolton, Wigan Road, Deane, Bolton BL3 4RD

Carr Gate, Old Bradford Road, Carr Gate, Wakefield, WF2 0SY

Coventry, Brownshill Green Road, Allesly, Coventry, CV5 9PB

Leyland, 338 Southport Road, Ulnes Walton, Preston, PR26 8QL


For more details contact

British Garden Centres
Woodthorpe Garden Centres Limited
Woodthorpe, Near Alford
LN13 0DD

British Garden Centres

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Shared successes.

Gardeners get double value from their pastime, we gain pleasure and satisfaction from growing things well and a second lift to the spirits when sharing such success with others. We saw this in practice during our Rose Festival Week last June, when home owners cut a rose from the garden and entered it in their local garden centre for all to admire in our “Prettiest Rose Competition”.

There are plans to repeat Rose Festival Week next June with more garden centres taking part, but why wait? Thanks to the support of the chain British Garden Centres, in Lincolnshire and the North East, plus Baytree Garden Centre, Spalding, Coolings, Kent, Fresh at Burcot, Worcs., we are trying out a “Prettiest Container of Spring Flowering Bulbs” Competition in 6thto 14thApril 2018.

There will be prizes for the best pot or container taken to these centres and a photographic competition for those living away from these centres who are unable to deliver their entry. Additionally we expect some schools to take part and there will be prizes for the best school entry. More information and details in the coming months and closer to the 6thApril 2019.

Meanwhile you will need to get planting bulbs now, if you have not done so already, to be in with a chance of winning local and national prizes. There are so many lovely spring flowering subjects including those with fragrance, including all hyacinths, plus some tulips and narcissus.

Any kind of container can be used, flower pots, pans, patio containers are the obvious, window boxes, hanging baskets and anything with a drainage hole that holds potting compost.

I have just planted up some of our large Tulip ‘Red Impressions’ offer with Wallflower ‘Cloth of Gold’.  The wallflowers will of course provide lovely fragrance and form a carpet of gold beneath the huge, crowning glory of tulip flowers.

Garden centres now offer collections of bulbs, some with colour coordinated cultivars and others which provide months of flowering.  Alternatively “Layer” planting, so called lasagne system, has several different kinds of bulbs at different depths to increase the number of flowers.

A good example has late flowering tulips planted well down in deep containers, which are covered with compost before adding earlier narcissus, which are again compost covered before topping off with early crocus.  This recipe will give March to May flowering.

One cultivar of say tulips can also be planted in three layers to give a triple display of flower colour vintage designer clothing in san diego.  The interesting thing for me with this three layers of the same bulb cultivar is that they all come through at a similar time and all flower at the same time. Why do the deeper planted ones not come through later and flower on shorter stems?

Remember with hyacinths medium sized bulbs work well when grown outside, the very largest bulbs with big, massed spikes of flower can get very heavy after rain and flop over.

Watch the video here