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House plants / indoor plants have increased in popularity over the last few years, and they are incredible additions to any home, with them brightening up the space. Not only do they look great, but they have many added benefits that help improve our mental and physical health.

Many indoor plants are known to have air-purifying abilities, with them removing toxins from the air. This allows you to breathe in clean air more regularly which, increases your overall health. Many scientific studies look at the calming benefits of purified air.

House plants Scindapsus


The is known as the Silver Satin plant and is native to Southeast Asia. It is extremely low maintenance. They have matte heart-shaped leaves, which are spattered with spots of grey. Avoid placing this plant in direct sunlight as it can be harmful to the plant. Shady but warm spots are its ideal location. This plant is able to neutralise harmful gases by absorbing them and breaking them down.

House plants Hedera


This house plant is commonly known as ‘English Ivy’. They are fast-growing evergreen stemmed plants with their leaves often cascading down from their pot. They prefer cooler climates and low light, making them great plants for north-facing rooms and windows. Hedera plants are known to filter airborne toxins inside your home and are extremely effective in making the air inside your home cleaner and healthier.

House plants

Yucca Plant

These strong plants are part of the asparagus family native to Mexico and Central America. They are known to grow 8-13 metres in height. It is a popular house plant as it's low maintenance and resembles a palm tree providing your home with a tropical effect. It is one of the top-rated purifying plants, removing toxins from the air and leaving you with a cleaner home.

House plants


Monstera plants are extremely unique with their large dramatic leaves, which feature large hole formations that grow with the plant. They are low-maintenance house plants and love bright indirect light, growing best in east-facing windows. Monstera is known for its ability to reduce air pollution and having this plant around can help boost productivity.

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Indoor Plants. Feel Better.
Increase your productivity.

House plants and indoor plants can help reduce stress and anxiety. Some are known to have positive effects on blood pressure as well as increased productivity. That is often why house/indoor plants are in many offices. There have also been cases of houseplants helping reduce fatigue and headaches.

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Join Eve, as she talks about all things Houseplants! From her top tips for caring for these trendy plants to repotting tired-looking indoor plants, how to build your own terrarium, what are air plants and how to look after them, and all the incredible benefits of keeping these glorious plants in your home.