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Get the new season off to best possible start with an extensive selection of gardening sundries. All of our garden centres offer you a great range of tools, feeds and planting solutions. From hanging baskets to propagation our garden sundries departments cater for all your gardening needs. Our friendly and efficient staff are here to help you with your gardening questions. We are here to make sure you choose the right product for your garden projects. With big brand names like Miracle Gro, Webb, Yeoman and many more.

We also have a great collection of pots and planters. Including traditional terracotta, bright glazed colours, patterns and swirls, and trendy granite pots are now available in every shape, size, colour and texture. We have a large display of frost resistant pots that are ideal for planting with colourful bedding, shape forming shrubs or tender plants that need to be in the greenhouse in the winter.

We also have a selection of Gardening Sundries over on our online store, so you could have it delivered straight to your door.

This season get your garden off to the best possible start and visit our gardening sundries departments today.

garden furniture, garden shop, garden tools
gardening centres, garden shop, garden centres
Online Shop Top Sellers

Lets Grow 2KW Greenhouse Heater ONLY £22.99

• Provide a reliable and efficient heat source to your greenhouse plants
• Adjustable thermostatic control lets you create the best climate
• Includes a frost guard for cold temperatures and a cool air fan for ventilation
• IPX4 safety rated
• Includes a 1.8m rubber sheathed power cable

Joseph Bentley Long Handled Bulb Planter ONLY £12.99

The Long Handled Bulb Planter from Joseph Bentley allows you to keep the knee pads in the cupboard, and give your back a break, thanks to the Long Handled Bulb Planter from Joseph Bentley. Part of the Stainless Steel collection of essential garden tools...

Yeoman Long Handled Grabber £12.99

The Long Handled Grabber from Yeoman. Keep your lawn and patio clear of debris without straining your back, with a little help from the Yeomans’ Long Handled Leaf Collector . This ergonomically designed grabber features two large, flat scoops set on scissor action handles, simply walk over to any stray leaves and grab them.
Joseph Bentley Hand Trowel

Joseph Bentley Stainless Steel Hand Trowel £4.99

The Joseph Bentley Hand Trowel includes a sturdy head of polished, stainless steel, allowing for efficient cultivation in the garden with minimal soil adhesion. Featuring a cranked shaft to protect your knuckles during work, the trowel is set on a contoured handle of carefully finished, FSC Certified oak wood, allowing for greater comfort in use and a dash of that heritage appeal so integral to the Joseph Bentley name