Summer holidays Young Gardeners

Young Gardener's Summer Holidays!

We will be putting out activities, each week, for the whole of the school summer holidays to keep your little ones occupied whatever the weather!

We will be updating this page each week, with new fun summer activities for you to enjoy, allowing your children to craft and be creative!

We have lots of other young gardener blogs that we feature throughout the year too, so there will definitely be something available to get your kids' creativity flowing.

Summer holidays kids activities

Design a Gift Card competition

This week's summer holiday activity is all about getting inspired and being creative!

Be part of our summer competition! We are looking for a colourful and creative gift card to add to our current selection. We want a bright and colourful design that will stand out. Using the template, draw a picture that illustrates plants, flowers, and gardening, or perhaps you would prefer Christmas, toys, and gifts as your design. Be as creative as possible!

The winner will have their design produced and placed into all 58 British Garden Centres in the UK, plus a £50 British Garden Centres Gift Card.


TO ENTER: Have your child design a gift card on the downloadable template and return it to us with your details. Our information is on the template.

The competition closes on Friday 3rd September at 11:59 pm. All Entrants must be 12 and under. The winner will be notified via email and the prize will be sent via post. Email and postal addresses are required.


Flower Bracelets.

This little craft project is so cheap simple and is really fun to do! Follow our how-to guide to make these pretty bands with your little ones!

What you will need...

  • Scissors
  • Card
  • Glue
  • Sticky Tape
  • A selection of flower petals and small leaves foraged from your garden or on walks!

Where to start...

1) Collect small flowers, petals and leaves from your garden. You don't need too many. A variety of colours and shapes will lead to a beautiful finished wristband!

Picking flowers
Flower bracelets - petals

Next you need to...

2. Lay out all of your collected flowers on a sheet of paper so you can see clearly what you have. Gently pick the petals off of the smaller flowers to create more manageable pieces.

Making the wristband...

3) Cut your card into thin strips, making sure they are long enough to fit around the wrist. Lay the strip of card on the table then evenly spread the PVA glue across its surface.

Flower bracelets

The messy bit...

5) Arrange your chosen petals, leaves and flowers along the sticky layer of the glued surface. There will be some messy hands with this bit but get creative!

Flower bracelets

The finishing touches...

6) Leave your bracelet to dry and then you can roll the cardboard strip into a circle and secure it with sellotape. Make sure there is enough room to put your hand into the loop still.

Wow, look what you have made...

7) Now it's time to show off your hard work and new jewellery! You could make 2 or 3 of these bracelets and give them as gifts to family and friends. OR you could even make a flower headband this way! Just make sure the cardboard strip is big enough to fit around your head before starting...the opportunities are endless with this craft!

Flower bracelets
Flower bracelets

The Bug Hunt.

Simply download the page, colour it in and see how many you can spot in your garden or when you are out and about in the countryside.

There are so many species of minibeasts and bugs in our garden it is hard to count them all. We have made a colouring page of our personal favourites. See what you can find!

Bug Hunt