Aquatics at Hornsea
Aquatics at Hornsea

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Hornsea Garden Centre, Hornsea Road, Sigglesthorne, Hornsea, HU11 5QL
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The new aquatics department here at Hornsea Garden Centre is the one stop shop for the fish keeper. With a great range of Marine, Tropical and Cold Water fish. A great selection of accessories and expert advice on hand to help you get the most out of your aquarium or pond.

Clown Fish

Anemonefish are so-named for the sea anemones in which they make their homes. There are 28 species of anemonefish, and they come in many colors, such as pink, red, yellow, black, brown and multi-coloured stripes.

The Aquatics department boast all new tanks showcasing a great range of, Marine, Tropical and Cold Water fish. Whether your looking for a small gold fish bowl, a starter aquarium or a full reef system, Aquatics at Hornsea has something for you.
Expert Advice

With expert advice and a great selection of fish keeping accessories we are the one stop shop for the expert and novice fish keeper.

Starting your first aquarium

Step by step we will help your aquarium achieve the correct conditions to give your marine creatures the best chance of thriving.
Aquatics at Hornsea Garden Centre
Aquatics at Hornsea Garden Centre
Aquatics at Hornsea Garden Centre

The Standard Checks

• Tank in position
• Not in direct sun light
• Easy access to power supply
• Adequate lighting
• Adequate filtration
• Heater set at 26 degrees centigrade
• Power heads in place
• Refractometer or hydrometer ready

What’s Next?

Now we fill the aquarium with RO water £2 for 25 litres or pre-salted water £5 for 25 litres, if you are going for the option of salting your own water then you purchase your salt separately ask a member of staff for details.

When adding the salt make sure your aquariums temperature is 26oc and your wave makers are turned on, this will help the sat dissolve.

All salt is slightly different but in general salt dissolves fully in 4-6 hours, after the time has passed we test the aquarium water with our refractometer (hydrometer).

On our refractometer (hydrometer) we are looking for the measure of 1.024 salinity for a normal reef tank, if you are thinking you want a fish only system then the measure can be as low as 1.020, ask a member of staff for more info on fish only systems.

When the correct salinity is achieved, we then get our hands good and wet picking our live rock, now some people say “well it’s just rock” but the life that comes attached to the live rock will astound you even if you can’t see it now you will in a few months of your aquarium establishing itself.

Using Live Rock

Live rock is going to be the foundation of your underwater world so naturally the more the merrier it’s the main source of filtration, but we all like to see fish swimming in open space too so add live rock to your preference but the unwritten rule of 1kg er 10litres is just a little guideline.

When placing live rock in the aquarium make sure to turn releasing all air bubbles as will cause problems in time after that you need to aquascape making it look exactly how you want it.

Then the waiting game begins the nitrogen cycle in your marine aquarium takes roughly 30 days sometimes shorter but always best to test now we suggest you have us test your water first then acquire your own test kits over time we test nitrite, ammonia and nitrate just as a beginning guide, if all ok we first go for a clean up crew to clean our algaes and detritus that’s grown in the tank, look our site . Give them a few days then let us test your tank again just for safety then we go from there with fish and your other marine buddy’s.

Any more help just ask a member of the team.