Joseph Bentley Stainless Steel Hand Fork

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• FSC Certified wooden handle provides heritage charm
• Features a leather carry strap
• Ideal for weeding and cultivating the soil around plants in borders or large garden containers
• 32cm in length

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The Stainless Steel Hand Fork from Joseph Bentley, working in the garden should be as much about enjoying yourself as it is achieving results, and a good gardener deserves great tools. The Stainless Steel Hand Fork includes three rigid prongs of polished, stainless steel, allowing for efficient cultivation in the garden with minimal soil adhesion. Featuring a cranked shaft to protect your knuckles during work, the fork is set on a contoured handle of carefully finished, FSC Certified oak wood, allowing for greater comfort in use and a dash of that heritage appeal so integral to the Joseph Bentley name. Ideal for weeding and cultivating the soil around plants in borders and containers, this hand fork will provide reliable service for many a season.

Joseph Bentley is proud to present a collection of traditional Stainless Steel tools driven by design and function. This comprehensive range of tools is inspired by the look, feel and quality first offered by Joseph Bentley at the turn of the 20th century.

First established in the late 1800s, Joseph Bentley has been giving British gardeners the tools to grow for well over a century. Today, Joseph Bentley provides exceptional tools for discerning gardeners, in a collection of traditional stainless steel spades, forks and planters.


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