Welcome to the Plants Department. Whether its evergreens, perennials, little alpines or well established trees and shrubs. All of our centres cater for the keen gardener and our selection suits any size of garden. Our plants department provide the highest quality and variety of plants. Our knowledgeable staff are on hand to help you with any of your questions and can advise you on planting and the care of your plants.

British Garden Centres prides itself on offering you a great selection of plants. As part of our commitment to you we offer a plant guarantee (see below for details). You can buy with confidence from any of our centres.

There are many varieties of this species of Clematis, ranging in flower colour from pink to white, with both double and single forms available. Clematis montanas are early flowering, usually being in full flower by May, and their rapid growth and vigorous growth habit make them ideal where a climbing plant is need for quick coverage. Growing to a height of 10 metres, this climber will grow in any fertile soil, in sum or semi shade, and is fully hardy. Once the flowers have died back its beautiful bronzed leaves are revealed.
Sweet Peas are annual climbing plants native to Sicily and southern Italy. Available now, they will need protection from late frosts, so grow in a cold greenhouse or on a windowsill until they can be safely planted outdoors. Growing between 1- 2 metres in height given suitable supports such as trellis or garden obelisks , they will put on a display of sweetly scented, colourful flowers through the summer that will add a ‘cottage’ feel to any garden. Grown amongst vegetable plants their sweet scent will help attract pollinating insects to your plot.
One of the first large bulbs of the year to emerge, the Crown Imperial grows to a height of about 3 feet and is ‘crowned’ by a ring of bright yellow or orange flowers on top of a sturdy stem. Great for a sunny or lightly shaded border, this exotic looking perennial makes a real statement in any garden. The yellow flowered for ‘Maximea Lutea’ has gained the Royal Horticultural Societies Award of Garden merit for being an out-standing garden plant. Easy to grow in any fertile soil, these plants will look impressive in any setting.
The joy of this deciduous shrub is in the new growth emerging in the Spring. One of the first shrubs to break bud, its fern-like foliage is bright pink as it first appears, before settling to a bright lime green. Exceptionally hardy, it will grow in any moist but well draining soil, reaching a final height of between 2 and 4 metres. It may also be used as screening, as it can reach a spread of 3 metres if left unpruned. Once the foliage has faded to it’s bright summer green, white flowers appear at the ends of it’s stems.
At Brigg Garden Centre we pride ourselves on the quality and choice of plants we have on offer. Sourced and bought from around Europe by our plant buyer Rod Austin, he and his team are always on hand to give advice and tips on selection, planting, growth and care of your plants. Call in and see us today.
The Plant Team here at British Garden Centres take great care and attention to ensure that the plants you buy from us are to a premium quality, and have been cared for correctly. To strengthen this claim we offer a One Year Hardy Plant Guarantee, so that you can buy with confidence from us.