Knit and Natter

Knee Rug

Every Tuesday morning at Brigg Garden Centre the Knit and Natter group get together in the restaurant to converse over a cup of coffee and create some fantastic knitting and crochet. The group do a lot of pieces for Charity and often sell their work at local craft fairs. One of the members of this popular group is Christine Edwards who had planned on knitting a Knee Rug for charity back in May 2017. Using odds and ends Christine began producing the hexagons.

On May 22nd following the terrible events that took place at the Manchester Arena, Christine decide that the piece should be dedicated to those who lost their lives and were injured during the attack. Christine’s daughter Jo works as a nurse at North Manchester Care Organisation which is one of the hospitals in Manchester that received Casualties from the Arena Bombing Attack. Within her work Christine wished to acknowledge and pay tribute to all the emergency services in Manchester.

Knitting together the story…

The concept became clear, Christine would create piece that would represent the coming together of all involved.

Inner hexagons, Pink for innocence and all those who suffer.

Outer hexagons, Brown for all the ‘workers’ – all those who alleviate suffering

Green edging between the pink and the Brown represents strength and resources.

The Manchester Bee, an inclusive symbol representing the great people of Manchester.

Blue border represents the rivers of Manchester – Blue for healing an love and binding all together.

And came with a message

“The Knee Rug comes with our thoughts, compassion and warm wishes”

A Manchester Nurse’s Mum and Dad.   

Jo shared the story through Twitter reaching teams of people from Manchester Hospitals, including Pennine Acute Hospitals part of the North Manchester Care Organisation who are only a few miles for the Arena. People responded to Twitter and began to share the story amongst other emergency services and the general public. The story caught the attention of Chief Inspector Umer Kahn of the Manchester Police who is leading the ‘We stand Together’ campaign. Impressed by what he saw he is taking steps to have the rug displayed publically in Manchester, the location is to be confirmed at a later date.

On behalf of everyone at Brigg Garden Centre I would like pass on my congratulations to Christine and her family. Well done we are very proud of you.

Ian Hutchinson

Marketing and Public Relations Manager